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How to Program Wireless Devices into a Honeywell Vista 20P

All Vista 20P Control Panels are wireless capable, but in order to use wireless devices in your system you must have a wireless receiver installed. Keypads with an "RF" designation in their model number have a built-in wireless receiver. If you have an existing system that you want to add wireless devices to it's much easier to replace your existing keypad with an RF model than it is to install a standalone receiver like the 5881ENH.
6160RF Keypad
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5881ENH Receiver
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Honeywell provides a wide variety of wireless devices for their systems. The catalog below will provide you will all the info you'll need to select your wireless devices. Virtually all the items shown are available at a very good price from Amazon.

This tutorial will cover the most popular wireless devices for Honeywell systems, those being:
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5811 Door/Win Xmtr
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5815 Door/Window Contact
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5853 Glass Breakage Detector
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5804-4 Keyfob
5808W3 Smoke Detector
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Honeywell Wireless Device Overview

Honeywell's wireless devices identify themselves to the Vista 20P by sending a unique digital serial number with each transmission. If you live in a townhouse or apartment chances are that you have dozens of Honeywell wireless devices chattering away within range of your system, but because the Vista 20P is only interested in the transmitters you've programmed into it all those imposter signals are completely ignored.
A 5816 with a serial number of 023-7467
Some wireless devices have multiple ways in which they can be triggered. For instance, the 5816 door / window transmitter pictured above has an internal reed switch that allows you to simply install the 5816 on the frame of a door, then install the provided magnet on the door itself. As the door opens the magnet moves away and triggers the reed switch of the 5816. The problem is, not all door frames allow the proper spacing to allow this, so you will sometimes need to install a separate contact that you will then wire into the 5816's wiring terminals.
Honeywell divides wireless devices into separate trigger points by assigning input numbers called loops. In the case of the 5816 loop one is the wiring terminals for an external contact, and loop two is the 5816's own internal reed switch.

This 5816, using an external contact =  SN 023-7467 Loop 1
This 5816, using the internal reed switch = SN 023-7467 Loop 2

Most Honeywell wireless devices don't have multiple loops to choose from and will always be programmed as loop one. Read the installation sheet that is enclosed with your new wireless device to determine if you need to select a loop for your device.

A single loop device is always programmed loop 1
Honeywell Wireless FAQ

How many wireless devices can I install in a Vista 20P?

A Honeywell system is limited by two things, those being the capabilities of the panel and the capabilities of the wireless receiver. The Vista 20P is capable of supporting 64 zones, at least 8 of which are dedicated to hardwire zones, so that leaves up to 56 zones that can be used for wireless devices. The wireless receiver in a 6160RF keypad is an "H" receiver that's capable of supporting as many wireless zones as your panel will support, so a Vista 20P with a 6160RF keypad will support up to 56 wireless zones. An "M" receiver like the one in a 6150RF keypad will only support 16 wireless zones, so no matter what, if you have an "M" receiver you'll only be able to have up to 16 wireless devices. There's also a standalone "L" receiver that only supports 8 wireless zones. Keep in mind that a four button keyfob will require four wireless zones, so having anything less than an "H" receiver is very limiting.

What's the best window & door transmitter for a Honeywell system?

Overall the 5815 is the best general use transmitter, it can be used on windows or doors and its range is better than smaller transmitters like the 5800Mini. If you live in an apartment or condo where range isn't an issue, go with the 5800Mini.

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